West Shore Clothing & Surf Shoppe // Lakeside Kincardine

Hello All &. Welcome to West Shore Clothing &. Surf Shoppe's new webpage Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

We are now available ONLINE but its very important for everyone to know that West Shore Clothing & Surf Shoppe is and always will be a brick and mortar, stand alone, fully Independently owned shop that stands proud in the heart of Beautiful Lakeside Downtown Kincardine as we have for over 11 years now and we look forward to the next 10 coming! West Shore Clothing & Surf is located 792 Queen Street Lakeside Kincardine, ON. Canada. Serving up Mens, Ladies & Kids Surf & Lifestyle Fashions, paddle boards and kiteboards! With lots of new and fun things happening all the time in-store and ON THE ROAD. YES THAT'S RIGHT! ON THE ROAD! West Shore purchased an old Grumman Van and has REFURBISHED this ol' beauty Van into the NEW West Shore Mobile!! Our NEW West Shore Mobile is going to add a fun new adventurous side to our business! From Paddle Rentals, Surf accessories, Denim, Swimsuit, Clothing, Jewelry and Accessories parties West Shore will now also be available ON THE ROAD as a mobile shop as well as it's stand alone brick and mortar shop to better serve you this coming year!

Thanks to everyone for there continued support!

West Shore, always changing and always adapting to serve you our friends and customers better!!

Enjoy and we'll see you IN-STORE, ONLINE & ON THE ROAD;)

The West Shore crew!

Our Shop -792 Queen Street // 44°10.624'N / 81°38.111'W

West Shore Surf Shoppe is settled into a Beautiful Timeless Building built in the 1880's. West Shore owners Ashley Adams and Tonya Schmalz heavily renovated and refurbished the interior of this building back to its original triple brick walls, hardwood floors, high ceilings and heavy timber beams bringing the character of how this building originally was back to life. From the moment you enter our doors and take stroll through the shop you'll be as amazed as we were when we found that we could expose the natural beauty of this building and work with these materials to set the natural setting of what our store front shop is today. Stop by and enjoy your shopping experience of a fully independently owned, mom and pop styled brick and mortor shop that puts it's customer's experience above everything else.

Building History:

Most of the downtown stores were built in Renaissance Revival style in the 1880's, replacing the wooden buildings of the town's first merchants. There are also many Second Empire Style structures, a favourite style of A.J. Evans, a local architect.

Although most storefronts have been altered, the upper floors still show the architectural elements of 1870-1900, despite some missing cornices. Note the many original inset doorways and external support columns.

The beautiful stonework was originally ballast in sailing ships (came here from the Kingston area) and note the wooden parapets, unlike those of metal on the rest of the street.